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The effect of niobium and tantalum on physicochemical and catalytic properties of silver and platinum catalysts based on MCF mesoporous cellular foams
Wisniewska, J., Ziolek, M., Artioli, N., Daturi, M., J.Catal, (2016)58-74

Catalysis by Confinement: Enthalpic Stabilization of NO Oxidation Transition States by Micropororous and Mesoporous Siliceous Materials
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On the activity and stability of Pt-K/Al2O3 LNT catalysts for Diesel soot and NOx abatement
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Labeled 15NO Study on N2 and N2O Formation Over Pt–Ba/Al2O3 NSR Catalysts
L. Lietti, L. Righini, L. Castoldi, N. Artioli, P. Forzatti
Top Catalysis 56 (2013) 7–13

Pathways for N2 and N2O formation during the reduction of NOx over Pt-Ba/Al2O3 LNT catalysts investigated by labelling isotopic experiments
L. Lietti, N. Artioli, L. Righini, L. Castoldi, P. Forzatti
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Catalytic NO Oxidation Pathways and Redox Cycles on Dispersed Oxides of Rhodium and Cobalt
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Effect of the presence of soot on the removal of NOx under lean conditions
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FT-IR study of the surface redox states on platinum-potassium-alumina catalysts
T. Montanari, R. Matarrese, N. Artioli ,G. Busca
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Study of DPNR catalysts for combined soot oxidation and NOx reduction
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