Non Thermal Plasma Combustion of Methane in Dual Fuel Engines

This project addresses a novel hybrid non-thermal plasma-catalytic technology being used for the combustion of methane from exhaust gas streams of natural gas vehicles. Conventional thermally activated exhaust gas catalysts are not active for the methane oxidation below 400 oC and therefore, with the exhaust gas temperatures rarely reaching this temperature in natural gas vehicles, alternative methods by which to activate the reaction feed are needed.


The objectives are supported by incoming EU legislation which will limit the emissions of methane, which presently cannot be met by existing catalyst systems. The project aims to use a combination of heterogeneous catalysts with plasma technology to enable the low temperature activation of methane for use on mobile sources using non-thermal plasma technology. It is a multidisciplinary project involving chemistry, chemical engineering and physics to understand the relationship between the engineering and science to design and commission a new process for emission control.