CEEP lab

Laboratory of Catalysis for Energy and Environmental Protection 


• Development of catalysts for the abatement of gas phase pollutants 

• Study of processes of abatement / capture / valorisation of waste streams

• Assessment and containment of the environmental impact of production processes

• Fundamental research on heterogeneous catalysts (synthesis, characterization, kinetic studies, modelling)


• Catalytic treatment of emissions from stationary and mobile sources (automotive)

• Catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides

• Catalytic abatement of particulates

• Catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds

• Homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic processes

• Multifunctional catalytic systems

• plasma assisted catalysis for the abatement of pollutants

• Catalytic systems for the direct hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol, DME, light hydrocarbons